"Heat Toughened & Laminated"

Supply or Installation

Laminated Safety Glass - 6.4mm / 7.5mm / 9.5mm / 11.5mm

Toughened Safety Glass - 4mm-19mm

Toughened Laminate - Please call to discuss

We offer a wide range of Laminated and toughened safety glass, supplied via our shop or installed at your premises. All products comply with BS6206 and BS EN 12600, and all carry the relevant compliance marks.

Safety glass should be specified in areas to protect against injury from impact or falling glass in high risk areas.

Laminated Glass- The bonding of two or more sheets of glass with interlayer of PVB

Toughened Glass - This Glass is processed by a controlled thermal treatment to increase the strength, this glass is 4-5 times stronger than non toughened glass. Due to the process the molecular structure is changed, in the event of breakage, the glass shatters into small non sharp pieces. The benefit of toughened glass is its strength upon impact as it has the highest classification available.

Wired Glass- This glass has a wire mesh embedded into it during the manufacturing process, it is designed to remain in one piece if cracked, minimising the chance of injury.

Where to Install Safety Glass?

Here are some examples of where to install safety glass, please note, this is only an example for guidance: 

  • All Door Sets
  • Any Glass installed below 800mm from floor level
  • Any Glass within 300mm of a doorset
  • Any Overhead glass - roofs & borrowed lights above doorsets
  • Any glass situated in wet areas
  • Balconies / Railings / Barriers


Professional Safety Glass Installation

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