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Insulated Glass Units (IGU's)

All of our Double glazed units, whether 

supplied or installed by Ashford Glass Supplies are subject to our 5 year warranty, this will offer you the peace of mind that if a unit you buy from us, mists up internally within 5 years of the manufacturing date, we will replace your purchase free of charge



Supply only & Supply & Install

Glass Repairs

Misting in Double glazing or more commonly known as Broken Down Double Glazed Units are an indication that the component structure of the unit has failed, which in turn results in excessive moisture within the two glass panes. At this stage of a units life, it is no longer performing to it's thermal specification and therefore, requires a replacement.

We offer a wide range of replacement insulated glass units for all double glazing repairs. we repair plastic, wood & aluminium frames, whether you require a traditional sash window repair or the latest bi fold door or conservatory repair. all of our double glazed units are manufactured to EN1279 and are independently tested to ensure the consistent quality of our manufacturing process.

Double & Triple glazed units are supplied in overall thickness from 14mm upto 42mm

  • Obscure Glass
  • Fire Rated
  • Acoustic
  • Shaped
  • Conservatory Roof
  • Stepped Glass Units
  • A Rated energy efficient
  • Solar reflective
  • Toughened safety
  • Laminated safety
  • Conservation Area - Eco Lites 5.5 & 8mm Sightlines
  • Triple Glazed
  • Catflap & Vent Holes 

This list is just an example of some of the glass for double and triple glazing repairs windows, please contact Denis or Ray at Ashford Glass Supplies to discuss your requirements in further details.

Call for Glass Repairs

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