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With over 20 years experience in repairing windows and doors, we are the people to trust. Time and Time again we hear, "I was told I needed a new door"or"The part is not available for this window" in reality, it is very rare for a new door or window to be needed, just some parts, knowledge and a little TLC.

Please visit our shop in Ashford, if you would like to purchase any parts or we offer a comprehensive mobile repair service for all door & window repairs throughout the Ashford and Southern Kent Area.

Door Locks: We Repair and replace all the main brands of multi-point door locking systems that have been installed of the last 30 years on Domestic and Commercial properties, these Include the household brands of EVEREST- ANGLIAN - ZENITH & BRIGHTLITE.

Hinges:These are a common problem, whether it be a door or a window, hinges constantly fail. normally causing the casement not to close fully and creating a draft. we stock and replace hinges for doors, windows, Bi fold doors, tilting windows and doors.

Handles:There have been thousands of window & door handle designs released over the last 30 years, lots of them were not of a good quality. hence they like to snap, fail & peel. We have a quality range of replacements including cockspur handles - espag handles - window handles - door handles - spade handles - Bi Fold Handles & lots, lots more.

Seals: Rubber or foam seals are an important part of any window and door system, they are a primary source of heat loss within any property, and are overlooked on many occasions. The main failures are, they go brittle and break away or they shrink and create gaps.Unfortunately, there are thousands of profiles & thicknesses. However, we know seals and can replace the vast majority for you.

Bi Folds: With the popularity of this market exploding at present, we are on the case, with parts arriving onto the repair market every week, we can help with any issues you have, whether it be a handle, lock, wheel set or alignment issues, there is a solution.

Glass:There is not a glass problem we cannot fix for you, with our highly experienced glaziers and our in house factory, we can offer a comprehensive glazing service for all your requirements.

Fire Doors: Fire door repairs are a legal requirement and need to be maintained to a very high standard. We can help, with the knowledge to repair and replace panic bars, concealed closures, pivot pins & bolt on hardware. (Our Fire Door Page is currently being designed) Please call us for assistance.


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