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Aluminium Doors

Schools - Offices - Shops - Hotels - Commercial 


Commercial Aluminium Doors are in constant use and are very often overlooked for servicing, many designs are manufactured with hidden pivot pins & concealed closers. Common faults are clicking when in use and pivot failure. We recommend that these heavy doors are serviced yearly to ensure the hidden parts are secure and well lubricated.

Kent Aluminium Door Repairs

Ashford Door Repairs, Kent Door Repairs

Aluminium Door Repairs

Aluminium Door Repairs, Ashford Door Repair, Kent Door Repair


We are specialists at repairing all types of aluminium door issues  

Closing Speeds

Locking Faults

Change of Keys


Glass Replacements

Years of Experience servicing Aluminium Doors & Windows

We have a large client base throughout Kent, we service and repair all door and window issues in Kent for Schools, Shops, Hotels & Commercial buildings.

 Please call us for all your aluminium door and fire door repairs.

01233 633775

Ashford Glass Supplies

Fire Door & Aluminium Door Repairs in Kent